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Modular Switches - Electrical Component

What Are Modular Switches

1There are two types of modular switches that you’ll see used heavily in industry today. The first type is a variety of Ethernet switches, which are not the subject of this article. The other are switches that are designed to simplify the process of installing, configuring and expanding the control features in industry.

These modular switches allow installation without complex wiring. They are typically mounted on expandable blocks, which are designed so that a great many switches can be mounted together in the most logical and accessible fashion possible. These switches are designed so that they can be mounted and removed easily and inexpensively. They come in parts, allowing the end user to choose exactly what they need to complete a project and to maintain a uniform design and look across a great many switches.

These systems allow the complete control over a facility or a given set of machines from one console. The switches may be fitted with accessories, such as lamps, LEDs, flip guards or others to ensure that the operators have the easiest possible time working with them and assessing the condition of the switches at any given time.

There are different standardized designs of modular switches that can be chosen from. Someone installing a panel can choose the right switches, actuators, tool kits, bezels and so forth by simply making sure that all of them are intended to be used with the same system. Doing so can vastly simplify the process of installing complex banks of switches, such as those that are commonly used in industry and for other purposes.